help the motley engage with the Claremont community by selling baked goods for the spring semester!

Student bake off will take place on friday, February 3rd from noon to 1 pm in the Motley sitting room. fill out the following form to participate:


FMI email products2.motley@gmail.com


become a part of an on-campus community with a pursuit towards centering critical feminism, a wider range of knowledge on oppressive policy and practice*, positive change, community involvement, and sustainable practices. 

applications for the spring of 2017 are open until Friday, january 20 at 11:59 pm PST


current scripps student
able to commit to 2-3 shifts per week (2.5-3 hours each)

a .pdf of the application can be found here.

Questions? Email our Personnel Manager at


**New!** Community engagement intern


current scripps student

a .pdf of the application can be found here.

For more information, email our community engagement manager at