As a non-profit organization, The Motley offers the
Claremont community two awesome sponsorship opportunities: 

1.) Community/Group and Individual/Thesis Sponsorships

Each semester, we grant financial support to students from the 5Cs who need money for thesis, internships, special projectsclub/group events, or anything related to their work or the 5C community.

We would love to support you in your endeavors! Sponsorships of this kind fall into two categories: Individual/Thesis and Community/Group

All sponsorships are accepted on a rolling basis and are reimbursement based . If you or your organization have questions, email the Assistant Head manager at assistanthead.motley@gmail.com

Sponsorship Guidelines

1. Proposals are granted as The Motley sees fit. We consider a proposal's impact on the 5C community and its correlation to our mission statement. 

2. There are 2 categories of sponsorship requests: Thesis/Individual and Community/Group. Thesis and individual sponsorships are capped at $100 each, and are limited to Scripps students only. 

3. Funding is allocated on a "rolling" basis
(first-come, first-served). 

4. Funding will be given as a reimbursement, therefore all receipts should be submitted to our Scripps College Mailbox, #1180, in conjunction with your proposal. If the sum of your receipts does not match the allocated sum, the remaining funds must be claimed as income by the payee or returned to The Motley. Checks will only be written for the sum of the receipts (up to the approved amount), regardless of if this is less than the amount
approved for your proposal. 

5. This semester we will stop accepting sponsorship requests on THIS DATE. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline. 

6. Funding received from The Motley can never be spent on alcohol. 

7. Payee must allow two to three weeks for processing of the proposal. 

Sponsorships forms:


2.) Recycled Mug Sponsorships

As part of our Mission Statement, The Motley promises to connect the Claremont Colleges with local and global communities by perpetuating sustainable supply chains.

In response to this promise, an initiative was enacted in Fall 2009: a $1 discount on all drinks will be given to customers following sustainable practices by forgoing to use of a disposable cup. 

This means you can bring your own mug or borrow one of ours. Our policy has the potential to reduce our waste output by 6,600 pounds annually (based on the number of to-go cups purchased, on average, each year).

Although sustainable choices aren't always the most convenient, The Motley strives to make sustainability an accessible goal to all of our costumers. Of course, our ever-growing collection of "for-here" mugs are always available...

OR you can also fill out a simple form and in return receive a free Motley recycled-plastic mug! This way, whether you choose to stay and enjoy your coffee in-house, or opt for on-the-go, you will be saving money and helping our planet. 

Please take the time to provide thoughtful answers. The more detail you provide, the easier it is for us to implement change!

apply for a recycled mug sponsorship here