please note:

at this time, the motley has allocated all sponsorship funds for the spring 2017 semester. we encourage applicants to seek funding through other 5c resources, such as SAS, fac, etc. for the remainder of the year. we look forward to supporting more students and community-based organizations when we begin accepting applications again in the fall! Thank you!

To apply:

Each semester, the motley grants financial support to students from the 5Cs who request money for thesis, internships, special projectsclub/group events, or anything related to their work or the 5C community.

We would love to support you in your endeavors! Sponsorships of this kind fall into two categories: Individual/Thesis and Community/Group

All sponsorships are accepted on a rolling basis and are reimbursement-based . If you or your organization have questions, please email the Assistant Head manager at assistanthead.motley@gmail.com

Sponsorship Guidelines:

1. Proposals are granted as The Motley sees fit. We consider a proposal's impact on the 5C community and its correlation to our mission statement. 

2. There are 2 categories of sponsorship requests: Thesis/Individual and Community/Group. as of spring 2017, there is no $100 cap on Thesis and individual sponsorships, nor will these requests be limited to students at scripps college. 

3. Funding is allocated on a "rolling" basis
(first-come, first-served). 

4. Funding will be given as a reimbursement, therefore all receipts should be submitted to our Scripps College Mailbox, #1180, in conjunction with your proposal. If the sum of your receipts does not match the allocated sum, the remaining funds must be claimed as income by the payee or returned to The Motley. Checks will only be written for the sum of the receipts (up to the approved amount), regardless of if this is less than the amount
approved for your proposal. 

5. This semester we will stop accepting sponsorship requests at the end of april. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline. 

6. Funding received from The Motley can never be spent on alcohol. 

7. Payee must allow two to three weeks for processing of the proposal. 

Sponsorships forms: